Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment

A home owner chainsaw which is made for fire wood cutting, pruning and felling small trees in the garden. Our patented Clean Power engine is a powerful environmental friendly engine. The model is easy to handle thanks to the well-balanced engine and handles and with features like combined choke/stop.

Model: CS2238-14

MSRP$189.95 ON SALE FOR $179.95

Unique Features: 50 GA Fully Assembled - 38cc - 2.0hp

Model: CS2245-16 IN STOCK!!!!

MSRP$359.95 ON SALE FOR $329.95

Unique Features: 16" 50.ga, fully assembled, 45.7cc -2.0hp

Model: CS2250S-18 IN STOCK!!!!

MSRP $409.95 OUR PRICE$369.95 ON SALE $349.95

Unique Features: 18" 50.ga, fully assembled, 50.2cc -3,2hp

Model: CS2255-18

MSRP $469.95 ON SALE $449.95

Unique Features: 18" 58.ga, fully assembled, 55.5cc -3.5hp

Model: CS2255-20

MSRP $489.95 ON SALE $469.95

Unique Features: 20" 58.ga, fully assembled, 55.5cc -3.5hp

Model CS2139T-12                   IN STOCK!!!

Model CS2139T-12 IN STOCK!!!

MSRP $539.95 OUR PRICE $509.95

Light and well-balanced arborist saw that is easy to use and service. The 39cc saw has a high chain speed making it particularly efficient. These qualities along with the fact that the saw has a versatile and well-planned design make it ideal for professional tree care and traditional arborist work.

Model: CS2252C-18     IN STOCK!!!!

Model: CS2252C-18 IN STOCK!!!!

MSRP$549.95 ON SALE FOR $519.95

Unique Features: Laminated 18", 50a prepuce 45.77cc 2.8hp